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House & Home

My primary focus for the last year has been one thing – to save money in order to afford a down payment on a house. Trouble is, I’m probably one of the most impatient people on the planet. I want everything NOW! I’ve done pretty well with this, being mellow, taking it day-by-day, establishing a […]

I’ve Found Her

I think I saw her! You know…HER! The one who fills my thoughts and dreams. THE “her”. Just now! Downstairs in my apartment building! I’m packing, I’m cleaning, I’m listening to music, I’m doing laundry, I’m avoiding cleaning the bathroom, I’m doing dishes. Soon, I’ll be packing. I’m leaving for holiday on Monday morning at […]

Why I Hate Living In An Apartment

Close your eyes and picture it. Wait…open your eyes and read this first and then close your eyes and picture it. Open your eyes! Sigh…I suppose it’s my own fault. End of entry. Oh! You’ve opened your eyes wondering what you’re supposed to be picturing. Excellent. Let’s move on. I’m fast asleep – have been […]