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So here’s the deal.  I’m reinventing myself and while I tried to keep a journal at various times in my life, I know that I’m horrible at it.  This time I’m goin’ all electronic and interwebby to see if I can sustain it for a bit. I’ve been entirely too responsible, organized, efficient and dependable […]

Why, God?

I received an update yesterday about my high school friend that I told you about in my July 4 entry. At the time, her doctors had given her a year to live. The doctors have now reduced that to one month to live. I cannot find words to remotely touch on how this makes me […]

Life is Short

I got some sad news yesterday morning. I’ve found myself thinking about life, death, love, hate, friendship and the world around me in general today. RambleMan’s creation couldn’t have been better timed. When I was younger I kept a paper journal. If nothing else, it allowed me to dump my thoughts onto paper in order […]