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Bad News – Good News

Tomorrow is July 30th – almost the last day of the month. It’s hard to believe that RambleMan has existed for a month already. I’ve been writing for years so it feels, in some ways that it’s been around a lot longer – I’ve just started sharing it with the world in the last 30 […]

It’s All About Me

For the longest time as a teenager, and then early adulthood I had this theory that time began when I was born. I’m not self-centered…okay, maybe I am, but really, for a kid, doesn’t the world revolve around them? In this week that I’ve been visiting my parents I’ve been appreciating very much what they […]

Porn Is For Speed Demons

Of COURSE I’m not looking at porn on the internet! Who do you think I am? I don’t do things like that! Okay, I’m thrilled to have internet service while visiting my parents…don’t get me wrong. I really don’t mean for this to sound like a complaining post, but more of an observational one. I’m […]