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So here’s the deal.  I’m reinventing myself and while I tried to keep a journal at various times in my life, I know that I’m horrible at it.  This time I’m goin’ all electronic and interwebby to see if I can sustain it for a bit.

I’ve been entirely too responsible, organized, efficient and dependable my entire life.  Through a number of events in the past few years I’ve found myself doing a full review of who I am, what is important to me and where I should be focusing my energy.  I’ll likely write about those events through time using that categories thing to note Life Changing Moment or something equally deep-sounding.

I’ve lived in the same community for most of my life short of a few departures for university and such.  Part of this reinvention of myself involves quitting my job, selling my house, abandoning 99% of my “stuff” and driving across the country to a new life that is full of unknowns.  Yes I’m single.  Yes I have no kids.  I made these life altering decisions without consulting anyone.

While as a kid I hated reading – every book report I did in junior high was a Stephen King book that conveniently had been made into a movie (I didn’t actually read the books).  Now I have a stack of books that I cannot go through fast enough and am adding more to the collection all the time.  I finally found what interested me to read about.  Woo-woo stuff.  There are a lot of stories.  I’m an odd duck.  We’ll get there.

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  1. paul ODonoghue says: -#1

    I was wondering what made you move to the lake. I bet everyone wishes at one time or another to just up and change everything. Most probably dont have the guts. Good for you Andre. I applaud your decision. Good luck

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