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Bad News – Good News

Tomorrow is July 30th – almost the last day of the month. It’s hard to believe that RambleMan has existed for a month already. I’ve been writing for years so it feels, in some ways that it’s been around a lot longer – I’ve just started sharing it with the world in the last 30 days. Thank you all again for coming along for the ride. I anticipate it can’t go anywhere but well…forward.

I have good and bad news that I’m trying to balance out in this ramble. Whenever someone faces me with “I have good news and I have bad news, which would you like to hear first?” I always pick the bad news so that at the end of our conversation I don’t feel so down. Let’s start with the bad news.

I received word that the high school friend whom I told you about it my July 4 and July 8 rambles passed away on Friday, July 26th in Edmonton, Alberta. Glenna would’ve been around my age – her early 30’s. The photo at right is of Glenna in our high school days. I don’t believe she was married or had kids, or at least nobody has said anything about them if she did. In the end, I think she was blessed to have her family and close friends around her throughout the ordeal. Everybody feels comfort in knowing they had a chance to see her and share their thoughts and prayers with her. I told my grad class in a late Saturday night e-mail about her passing and have heard back from a couple thanking me for continuing to provide them updates as well as having provided them the opportunity to write to her and her family, letting them know that they were in our prayers. Glenna passed away on my brother’s birthday. From this year on, every year on his birthday, a part of me will think of Glenna and remind me how fortunate I – we really are.

A strange segue here could be to tell you that I continue my readings and work on my intuitive and psychic abilities. I can tell you without question that something visited me on Friday night, waking me enough to feel its presence. At the time I wasn’t aware of Glenna’s passing, nor did I feel prepared to deal with whatever was happening. I chose to request whatever it was to please leave me until the following day when I would be more conscious and aware. The next day I got the news of her passing. I don’t suggest they’re connected. I do feel like I’m making progress in my endeavours, though.

Alright…the good news. You may notice that I pimp a friend’s online journal from time-to-time, as she does the same for me. Tomorrow – July 30 is a celebratory date in my circles. It has been declared Nicolamas. Nicky turns the dark old age of 31 tomorrow. If you’re thinking about buying Nicky a gift, she conveniently builds a “wish list” on her frequent drooling trips to Amazon.co.uk. She claims that she doesn’t want anything, but also ensures she gives us at least a 30-day countdown to her annual celebration.

So, happy birthday, Nicky. I know you’ll celebrate in style, ensure everybody in your office knows the significance of the day and buys you drinks after work.

To quote the reason for the season herself, “there is always wine”.

Cheers to a long & happy life!


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