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Happy Canadia Day!

Happy Canadia Day & Welcome to RambleMan.com!

I’m going to try to be witty and intelligent and a brilliant, amazing guy. Pretty big plan, I think. I mean, how often are YOU witty and intelligent and brilliant in a controlled place and time? I going to do it here…for you!

Topics are going to vary and range depending on my mood and what’s on my mind and ultimately, you’re going to get know me. THE RambleMan.

First things first, I would like to thank Nicky. You’ll get to know Nicky as you read RambleMan, so I’m not going to go into a whole explanation of who she is. Nicky is the reason RambleMan exists – on many different levels. Thank you, Nicky! (There…I’ve said your word four times!)

Canadia turns 135 years old today. My country. Okay, an aside (you’ll get used to these) – I call my country Canadia because of someone I’ve never met. Nicky (5x!) used to work in Melbourne at a bank. When I was speaking to Nicky some years back someone in her office was convinced that I must be in Canadia – not Canada. Her reasoning? AustralIA. She figured if THEY have an “ia” at the end of their country name, so should we. My country was now re-named, to move the conversation forward, Canadia.

Right. Dancing in the streets, national TV broadcasts and fireworks. Okay, not a lot of fireworks because of current burn bans in a lot of regions of the country because of dry conditions and active forest fires, but still, you get the idea. Today is a big day. Oh! Parades! Statutory holiday! BIG day!

What do I do on this big…BIG national day? My alarm cat (you’ll understand through time) woke me up at 6:30, I turned on my ThinkPad and found Nicky (6x!) online and proceeded to chat for a few hours. Nicky harassed me to get RambleMan up and live already and then we talked about cans of air. Don’t we have interesting conversations? So…here it is. The first entry into my Rambles section as well as spending the rest of the day working on the site and now sitting here doing laundry, watching Crossing Over and trying to build up enough interest to vacuum and other such weekend cleaning chores. I didn’t attend the parade.

I’m hoping that starting RambleMan will make me a more interesting person. What I mean by that is that I’m hoping I’ll go out and create my own adventures. I’ll be writing about what’s on my mind probably more than what I’m doing to keep busy, but wouldn’t it be interesting if I actually got out of the house from time-to-time and took pictures to prove it to you?

So there you have it. Not a terribly interesting, but you know…there it is. I’ve got a billion things to say, but I’m just tired of staring at this machine today.

Thanks for visiting!


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