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Why I Hate Living In An Apartment

Close your eyes and picture it. Wait…open your eyes and read this first and then close your eyes and picture it. Open your eyes! Sigh…I suppose it’s my own fault. End of entry. Oh! You’ve opened your eyes wondering what you’re supposed to be picturing. Excellent. Let’s move on. I’m fast asleep – have been […]

Ice Cream Whore

I think it can clearly be traced back to an evening at a friend’s house in Calgary a couple of years’ back when I was first tempted. I didn’t ask for it. It was forced on me. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like for little kids to receive their first hit of hard drugs […]

Why, God?

I received an update yesterday about my high school friend that I told you about in my July 4 entry. At the time, her doctors had given her a year to live. The doctors have now reduced that to one month to live. I cannot find words to remotely touch on how this makes me […]

Reverend Chucky

It started innocently enough. Years ago I received an alumni update mailing from the college I attended. Conveniently, the request for information came with a sales brochure for an alumni directory – first ever time published – get yours now – only those ordered will be printed! I sat down at the dining room table […]