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I’ve Found Her

I think I saw her! You know…HER! The one who fills my thoughts and dreams. THE “her”. Just now! Downstairs in my apartment building! I’m packing, I’m cleaning, I’m listening to music, I’m doing laundry, I’m avoiding cleaning the bathroom, I’m doing dishes. Soon, I’ll be packing. I’m leaving for holiday on Monday morning at […]

In Your Face

Intensity. Strength. Concentration. Power. Force. Passion. Amount. Greatness. Quantity. Volume. When RambleMan came into fruition on July 1st, I had all these wonderful ideas of topics I would write about. I’ve started and erased many many more than you have seen. I’ve also been side-tracked by deeper thoughts than I thought I would be writing […]

Makes Me Think

I swear if I had a brain I would be dangerous. On Monday evening my parents called me to ask what time I would be arriving at the Ottawa airport next week, where they’ll pick me up for a visit with them. I’ve had my plane ticket for months, but I haven’t put much thought […]

New Toy Alert!

New toy alert! New toy alert! Don’t you love getting new things that aren’t necessary to live, but are nice little luxuries? Electronic toys are the best kind. I’m heading off to France in March 2003 and possibly the U.K. in July 2003. I have to obsess about this in every way you can think. […]