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So here’s the deal.  I’m reinventing myself and while I tried to keep a journal at various times in my life, I know that I’m horrible at it.  This time I’m goin’ all electronic and interwebby to see if I can sustain it for a bit. I’ve been entirely too responsible, organized, efficient and dependable […]


I suck at keeping secrets. Wait…let me rephrase that. I suck at keeping my own secrets…things about me. I like telling people about me. I like talking about me. I have to consciously ask friends and family “so, what’s up in your life?” when I’m on the phone with them because otherwise I may not […]

Free Money!

Please excuse me. I’m in shock right now. I had my meeting with my bank and the Housing Corporation today and the results of it are all starting to hit me. For some reason, I didn’t think about it at work. It’s all good news, although after my meeting with the bank I felt like […]